13/04/2020 - Sophie Says COVID-19 Fundraiser

Dear Rebecca, 

Over the past month, I have watched the news unfold and felt at a loss. I desperately want to help. But I’m not a doctor or a frontline worker, so what can I do?  But with no medical expertise I was at a loss of what to do and it got me thinking. Here at Sophie Says HQ we have had so many messages from parents saying that the book has inspired them and their children. Parents have said because of the book and its content that it has opened up wonderful conversations with their children.

That got me thinking.

I have been reading so much about children and how lockdown is affecting their mental health. And I realised, that through my writing and specifically Sophie Says, I could try to help tackle vulnerable children’s mental health. Did you know that there are over 380,000 children in the UK who do not own a single children's book of their own? I have been inundated with requests from schools and charities for copies of Sophie Says to be handed out to vulnerable children and children of key workers during this pandemic. What if we could give a those children a Sophie Says book for them to own? For them to know that it’s theirs, no one is going to take it from them and for them to learn that anything is possible - a powerful and positive message in this pandemic.

So I launched a fundraising campaign and Rebecca, it was a lifeline for me. Seeing the support people gave us in donating these books and although we didn't say specifically in your memory as it is still so raw and hard to say out loud, that is exactly what is was. We ended up donating over 6000 books to vulnerable children and children of key workers to shine some light on the dark days. 

I hope you’re dancing up there with all the rainbows!

All my love 

Esther x 

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