Finding Bunny - Wellbeing for the Classroom Course

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Finding Bunny is a roadmap to actively work on well-being in the classroom and to create an emotional language in the classroom and school that you will all use well beyond the programme. It provides children with a well-being foundation early on and the message to children and parents is strong - well-being begins in Reception.

This also destigmatizes well-being and positive mental health and becomes part of what children learn at school.

When children feel safe and secure they feel comfortable talking and sharing. We are looking to create an environment where children are able to talk readily and freely about their feelings and are able to ask for help.

Finding Bunny creates class cohesion and helps children to see their class group as their community - to not only give each child a sense of connection but to help children support each other and to build empathy between them. We can only do this when we practice and talk about how we relate to each other, how we talk to each other, how we play together, how we repair our friendships when things go wrong, and how we manage conflict amongst ourselves.

We want to embed that freedom into children to own and express their specialness and individuality without shame or arrogance. It’s that positivity that will build positive mental health.

Making life’s most important lessons fun to learn…

Whether you’re a parent looking for a book that will both delight your child and help you navigate some of the trickier conversations around topics such as mental health, a teacher/educator trying to find useful resources or a conscious gift-giver, we’ve got something for everyone here.

Sophie Says…

Opens up tricky conversations around mental health and gender

Powers self-belief and helps children feel like they can achieve their dreams

Drives inclusion, empathy and understanding for people from all walks of life

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