Sophie Says Be Proud Of Who You Are

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Join Sophie and the rest of the Sophie Says crew on their exciting seaside adventure as they help their friend Priya build her confidence as they guide her through believing in herself and being proud of who she is on the inside and out. The perfect book to help your child build their confidence and self esteem.

See if you can spot Bunny hiding on each page! 

Recommended for ages 3-6. 

Making life’s most important lessons fun to learn…

Whether you’re a parent looking for a book that will both delight your child and help you navigate some of the trickier conversations around topics such as mental health, a teacher/educator trying to find useful resources or a conscious gift-giver, we’ve got something for everyone here.

Sophie Says…

Opens up tricky conversations around mental health and gender

Powers self-belief and helps children feel like they can achieve their dreams

Drives inclusion, empathy and understanding for people from all walks of life

Our mission