Sophie Says… Imagine a world where children grow up never doubting whether they’re included.

That’s the world we’re trying to build.

Sophie Says is the only children’s brand built consciously from the ground up. We’ve not only thought about what stories we want to tell through our books, but what messages children reading them will take and absorb. 

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Everything we do at Sophie Says is conscious thoughtful and carefully considered. From the characters in our books down to every single Instagram post, we take the role we play in young children’s lives very seriously. 

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We are helping children bypass harmful stereotypes before they set in by changing the face of children’s literature. Our mission is to enable all children to grow up feeling equipped and empowered to face their futures. To learn more about themselves, others and the world around them

We are helping parents to teach their children positive messages and providing a toolkit to navigate some of the trickier conversations. Our stories are FOR everyone, and we do this by trying to SHOW everyone. 

These books teach children about:

• Emotional Resilience
• Mental health
• Equal opportunities
• Relatable representation 
• Diversity and inclusion
• Self-belief
• Responsible messaging 

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About the Author

Hi, I’m Esther and I’m the founder of Sophie Says and the author of the books within the series. The idea for the first book (Sophie Says I Can, I Will) came to me after having my son, Asher (who is the first and most important reader of all the books!).

I knew I wanted him to grow up understanding that both girls and boys could achieve anything that they set their minds to, but I couldn’t find any books that featured a female lead character (a human one, not an animal one!) that really represented the message I wanted to teach him. So I thought, if I can’t find the story I want to tell, I’d better write it myself.

Esther Marshall, Sophie Says Author

After writing the first book and realising the impact that it was having on children and parents who were talking more openly about different types of career paths and journeys their lives could take, I wanted to find a way for Sophie to be so much more than a character in a book. 

I had always planned to write another book all around mental health to help children understand their feelings and talk about them more openly, and I sadly lost my sister, Rebecca, to mental illness as I was writing it. So the second book Sophie Says It’s Okay not to be Okay is dedicated to her memory.

Why I wrote the books

I hope you enjoy reading the books, I always love to read what people think of them, so if you’d like to drop me a message I’d love to hear from you.

You can contact me at contact@sophiesaysofficial.com

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