About the Author

Esther Marshall is the author of Sophie Says I Can, I Will. She also founded sTandTall in 2017 which is the biggest UK search platform for abuse services with over 200 charity partners enabling people to find help quickly and anonymously. Her work has achieved national press coverage and she has won numerous awards such as Just Giving Influencer of the Year award and Runner up for Women of the Future. Esther was also recently named number 9/100 of Women in Tech to watch and awarded the government’s Point of Light award for her work with sTandTall and Sophie Says. Esther lives in London with her husband and young son where she is currently working on the sequel to Sophie Says I Can, I Will.

A Few Words from the Author, Esther Marshall:

“I knew from the second my son was born I wanted to teach him that girls were just as strong and powerful as boys, that people from different backgrounds to him could teach him things and he should listen and be kind to everyone.

The problem was, all the books I could find to read to him had:

  • Mostly male characters (even the animals)
  • Little to no diversity or representation
  • No female role models he could look up to

So I decided that if I couldn’t find the book I wanted to read to my son, I’d better write my own.

I want all children to know and believe that they can achieve their dreams regardless of gender, race, religion or class",