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School Package Sophie

Your class will receive an Author Reading Zoom Session with Esther Marshall; Esther will read either I Can I Will, It's Okay Not To Be Okay or Be Proud Of Who You Are; each book carries a different message and theme, which Esther will also discuss with the children in the session. This will be followed by a personalised interactive Q&A session for your class where Esther will show the children the process from start to finish of how she wrote the books, the illustration process, and the makeup of the Sophie Says books and exactly how and what you need to do to write a book and become an Author!

The Sophie Says Author Reading sessions are taking place across many schools, and they are a truly wonderful interactive experience for the children.

As part of the package, your school will also receive:

  • Sophie Says Finding Bunny classroom well-being programme. Finding Bunny has been created by Sophie Says and Mental Health Professionals Heads Up Kids; it is a 6-week well-being classroom-based programme. Each session provided to you has full teacher guidelines, activity sheets, resources, and accompanying slides to bring the programme to life. There are parent videos after each session.

You can watch all about Finding Bunny via the video here.

  • Access to our Safe Corner—This full lesson plan includes all the resources you need to create your own safe corner at school or home. All teacher guidelines are provided.
  • The Sophie Says book collection for your classroom library includes I Can I Will, It’s Okay Not To Be Okay, and Be Proud Of Who You Are.
  • You will receive a unique discount code to send to parents/carers. If the school or parents have bought the book, a book signing is available upon request.

After booking, we will contact you to arrange the date and time for your Author Zoom Reading Session.

*The cost of an in-person session is personalised and dependent on location. Please request this via email prior to booking.

* For more than one class or a personalised session, please email us:


Making life’s most important lessons fun to learn…

Whether you’re a parent looking for a book that will both delight your child and help you navigate some of the trickier conversations around topics such as mental health, a teacher/educator trying to find useful resources or a conscious gift-giver, we’ve got something for everyone here.

Sophie Says…

Opens up tricky conversations around mental health and gender

Powers self-belief and helps children feel like they can achieve their dreams

Drives inclusion, empathy and understanding for people from all walks of life

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